Our Story

We are a biodynamic medicinal family farm on Kauai. We come from a lineage of foragers, gardeners and medicine makers. During our travels around the world we have studied medicinal plants of different continents and cultures and we have created a selection of unique botanicals in our biodynamic medicine wheel, mandala garden. We believe that plants share the medicine of the people who cultivate them and we are passionate about sharing what we have created with you.

Through our extensive travels around the world we have observed and learned how different cultures incorporate healing plants into their lives and rituals. We believe that our Creator has given us a plant for every condition, illness or misalignment. A plant grown in a rich soil and watered by Kauai rains is even more so powerful. We blend the knowledge and Wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbology and Hawaiian La’au Lapa’Au to create potent medicinal herbal blends. Our approach is a tapestry of cutting edge scientific research, folklore and principals of biodynamic agriculture. 

Biodynamic Agriculture

A biodynamic garden is an integrated, cooperative, living organism. It is the role of the biodynamic gardener to work to harmonize the elements that comprise a gardens ecosystem, with the end goal of creating an infinitely regenerative and self contained agricultural process.


Biodynamic gardens are inspired by, and seek to replicate the biodiversity found in naturally occurring ecosystems. Natural landscapes are regenerative, as they contain a vast variety of diverse and unique elements, each which consumes and contributes its own nutrient and materials profile to the ecosystem as a whole. We use strategies such as multi-cropping, companion planting, crop rotation, and animal population management in order to manage pests and disease, as well as reduce soil nutrient depletion over time.

No Till Agriculture

When land is tilled, the mycorrhizal network that has taken years or decades to establish itself is destroyed. These fungal networks are responsible for a great deal of the nutrient and mineral transfer and diffusion that occurs underground. By preserving these mycelial networks, we greatly reduce soil depletion rate while improving crop quality and growth rate.

No Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, or Herbicides

We use entirely regenerative methods to fertilize our crops as well as to manage pests and weeds. You can be certain that any product we produce will be free of harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides.