Cold & Flu


The Kauai Botanicals Cold & Flu blend is designed to provide relief for typical symptoms of common respiratory illnesses. If you are coughing, congested, feverish, or have a sore throat this is the tea for you! The Cold & Flu Blend contains a variety of powerful healing and symptom relieving herbs. Perfect for when you first feel that slight tingle in your throat. Surprisingly delicious as well!


- Reduce symptoms of cold & flu.

- Anti viral

- Anti inflammatory

- Encourage productive coughing

- Expectorant (loosens mucus) 

- Calms the mind and mitigates anxiety. 


Add 1 tbs of tea to hot water, cover and steep for at least 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. You can refill your teapot up to 4 times. 


- Calendula

- Tulsi

- Thyme

- Marshmallow Root

- Sage

- Kaua’i Vervain

- Oregano

- Spilanthes

- Echinacea

- Lemon Peel

- Mint

- Ginger

- Turmeric

- Mulberry Leaf

- Yarrow

Customer Reviews

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Sinus/ cold relief

Very tasty tea. You can taste the medicinal properties shortly after finishing. I was dealing with allergies, congestion and short of breath. After 2 cups a day for about a week; I felt much better. Thank you.