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Kauai Botanicals


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Organic Kauai grown dried Mugwort.


This beautiful herb is often reported to make dreams more memorable. People who consume Mugwort tea before bed report having much more detailed and memorable dreams than usual. Perfect for creating your own custom tea or smoking blends. 


- Enhances dreams 

- Makes dreams more memorable 

- Aids in regulation of the menstrual cycle and eases cramps by promoting muscle relaxation


- Add to a custom tea blend 

- Tincture

- Add to a smoking blend


Use between 0.5g and 2g of dried Mugwort per serving. Although Mugwort is quite safe, it is not recommended to consume more than 10g per day of dried herb as this will likely increase the incidence of undesirable side effects.


*7g and 14g pictured above.