The Kauai Botanicals Radiance Blend is deliciously sweet and refreshing. Blended with toxin clearing botanicals, Radiance is designed to purify and cleanse the skin and blood by supporting the bodies natural toxin removal processes. Ideal as an iced tea, Radiance is one of our most delicious blends. Recommended iced and with honey.
Add 1 tbs of tea to hot water, cover and steep for at least 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. You can refill your teapot up to 3 times. 


The star of the Radiance blend, the slightly sweet, slightly tangy taste of Hibiscus is known and loved around the world.


A globally revered herb for its adaptogenic and calming properties, as well as its desirable taste. Often known as Holy Basil.

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate mint, often known as spearmint, is refreshing and delicious in combination with Hibiscus. Try this blend iced!

Mulberry Leaf

With anti-oxidant and blood sugar regulating effects, mulberry leaf is an incredible addition to any tea blend.